Information is the most important asset of an organisation, and must be properly protected. Companies are also obliged by law to store customer information securely.

As well as providing secure storage as standard with all services where customer data is handled, Equiniti offers storage as a stand-alone service. Delivered through the cloud, it provides organisations with an alternative to on-premise storage, offering a number of advantages:

  • No need to invest in on-premise servers or associated infrastructure
  • Subscription-based pricing – clients only pay for as much storage as they use
  • Automatic technology upgrades
  • Equiniti takes on management, maintenance and technical queries, allowing in-house IT staff to add value by maintaining a strategic focus
  • Access to market-leading technologies without the capital investment
  • Full disaster recovery, with an off-site facility and extensive business continuity capabilities

Our clients trust us with 1PB of data, which we hold on 600 physical servers and 2,700 virtual servers across our two datacentres.

In 2014 Equiniti’s excellence in hosting was recognised by Microsoft, which awarded Equiniti the award for Microsoft Ireland Hosting Partner of the Year.

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