Equiniti provides flexible, reliable and secure cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions. By adopting our solution, organisations can deploy applications efficiently and minimise costs by only paying for as much as they use and eliminating associated hardware and maintenance costs.

Equiniti uses the most innovative technologies to ensure its customers remain at the forefront of industry developments:

SharePoint as a Service

We provide a hosted SharePoint platform for organisations to create and configure their own SharePoint implementations.

SharePoint enables teams to work together easily to share critical business information on SharePoint sites. Customers and colleagues can easily access the documents they need from virtually anywhere with the appropriate security in place. Having a single, centralised location for document and information management ensures everyone has access to the latest version of documents. Compliance with document management procedures is also provided.

SQL Server as a Service

SQL Server from Equiniti provides a hosted Microsoft SQL Server platform for organisations to build and host SQL Server-based database applications. It provides comprehensive, high availability data centre capabilities for complex requirements relating to databases and business intelligence and enables organisations to quickly build solutions to create secure, resilient and flexible databases.

We also provide a full range of supporting services, including: