Equiniti offers a complete suite of infrastructure and hosting services, using market-leading Microsoft technologies to enable organisations to stay ahead of the competition and provide more efficient, secure and cost-effective services to their customers.

Delivered as a cloud service, Equiniti’s infrastructure and hosting solutions can be purchased on a subscription basis rather than requiring significant up-front investment. With no need to retain infrastructure in-house or allocate time and resources for daily maintenance, cloud hosting delivers substantial cost savings compared to traditional infrastructure along with greater flexibility as requirements change.

Our clients trust us with over 1PB of data, spread across 600 physical and 2,700 virtual servers in our two datacentres.

Customers can choose from three options:

Public cloud

In this multi-tenanted environment, each application accessed by the organisation through the cloud has its own secure instance on a server, serving multiple clients. Each client’s data remains separate and secure, and the virtual application used by each can be customised to meet the organisation’s specific requirements.

Private cloud

The organisation has its own dedicated virtual machines within Equiniti’s cloud environment. Data remains isolated from other clients’, and transfer of data between the client and Equiniti is secure. The organisation has complete control over security and benefits from maximum agility.

Hybrid cloud

IT infrastructure is split across Equiniti, Microsoft and, if desired, the client. A hybrid cloud service allows the client to retain a complete view of its infrastructure whilst achieving flexibility, cost savings and efficiencies as a resulting of utilising Equiniti’s managed service.

Common to all scenarios is access to enterprise-grade technology and cost-effective storage, back-up and recovery. Should the worst happen, Equiniti’s off-site disaster recovery facility provides business continuity, with the ability to replicate the client’s infrastructure.


Equiniti deploys Microsoft Hyper-V to deliver a dynamic, reliable and scalable virtualisation platform for both its public, private and hybrid cloud offerings, with a single set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual resources. Hyper-V includes business continuity features, such as live backup and quick migration, enabling stringent uptime and response metrics to be met.  Hyper-V is integrated with Microsoft System Centre 2012 to ensure our customers receive a dynamic and agile hosting service that meets their business needs.

Key benefits

  • Cost savings – no up-front investment required
  • Ability to easily and rapidly scale up or down
  • Improved service quality
  • Disaster recovery provision
  • Tight security (IL2/IL3 and ISO27001-accredited)
  • Access to new technologies through investment by Equiniti
  • Flexibility in service delivery