Disaster recovery services from Equiniti can keep organisations operating in the face of a major IT system failure at their primary operating site. While such a failure may be an extremely rare and unlikely event, the consequences if it does occur is  that operations may cease completely for an extended time period, leaving customers stranded and causing significant financial loss.

Equiniti builds IT solutions that are highly resilient to ensure that our clients’ systems are as fault-tolerant as possible. In the event of a catastrophic failure, operations can be switched from our primary data centre to our disaster recovery site, ensuring minimum disruption to business operations.

We can also provide ongoing support and service management, assuring clients of best-in-class help desk, hosting and secure back-up services and providing access to the latest technologies whilst delivering cost efficiencies. We were recognised as a Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year in 2014, providing further assurance of our capabilities.

Business continuity

Any event that reduces an organisation’s ability to perform its core functions can be damaging to its reputation but a carefully managed business continuity plan will enable the organisation to carry on operating, ensuring that it can continue to deliver an acceptable level of service following a disruptive incident.

Equiniti’s business continuity facility helps organisations to resume their ‘mission-critical’ business functions and IT processes. With a substantial number of hot desks, the facility enables clients to re-create their offices and IT environments to ensure their critical operations will be up and running with minimum disruption to their employees, customers and communications. 

We can also help overcome resource constraints by diverting incoming queries to our award-winning multi-channel contact centre. We can  backfill existing roles and manage communications to keep customers informed.