The legacy applications in place in many financial services institutions contain a wealth of intellectual capital relating to various aspects of the business.  The risks and associated costs of attempting to replace these applications can be high. Equiniti specialises in adding layers to existing proven, tried and tested software in a way that is more cost-effective than outright replacement.

Our solution

Equiniti provides the skills and has the experience to work with banks to review their legacy applications. We can develop a strategy to suit the short, medium or long term, according to budget, timeline and other requirements. Equiniti can discuss each of the possible solutions and draw up a cost-effective temporary or permanent plan to suit the organisation. We provide:

  • Full support for legacy applications
  • A versatile hosting environment
  • Layered modern functionality
  • Data structure improvements
  • Re-engineering for user acceptance


  • Access to skills and resources to manage modern and historic environments
  • Reduced cost of software support and increase product lifetime
  • Avoid resources being trapped on legacy technologies
  • Ensure rapid turnaround for changes under defined SLAs
  • Lower processing costs
  • Assured performance levels
  • Latest administration technology
  • Continuous regulatory compliance
  • Highest standards of customer care