Equiniti is a dependable partner in the delivery of investigative case management solutions.

Our investigative case management software manages the investigative process from end-to-end, regardless of complexity. It enables investigators to manage their resources, assets, exhibits and intelligence across the investigation. Created in line with legislative requirements, it streamlines the investigative process ensuring that progress is accurately prioritised, assigned and monitored. It also safeguards full accountability of all decisions, storing data, documents and exhibits securely.

Security, audit and data protection

With an in-depth knowledge of investigative processes, we ensure that security, audit and data protection are at the core of our software. Our solution helps to protect the sharing and distribution of information across the investigative environment via case-allocated permissions. The integrated audit capabilities allow the organisation to protect and maintain confidential information in line with legislative requirements.

Association of cases and parties and allegations

Our solution enables the association of many party types including: complainants, investigating officers, witnesses, legal representatives and interested parties across multiple allegations within a case. Linking cases for incident investigation is also possible.

Tasks, actions, alerts, escalations and messages

Functionality controlled by the phase and state of the case ensures all related activity and information is available, assisting the case owner and case team in progressing the case within teams and across departments.

Internal and formal recommendations

The solution includes the facility for team members to record and recommend case activity for the case owner to approve or decline. Internal operating recommendations are distinct from formal recommendations which relate case actions that impact external parties, for example recommending a prosecution.

Exhibit and evidence tracking

All documents are tracked via barcode readers. This allows the location and ownership of each exhibit to be identified at any time. 


Workflow handles investigative case processing, ensuring each user has an automated work queue showing tasks that have been allocated to them. Workflow provides full audit control and accountability, enabling business processes to be monitored and any impending problems to be identified.

Document management

Our document management solution delivers greater control over your documentation, with the assurance of traceability and compliance. It can be integrated into the investigative case management software, ensuring the effective storage, search and retrieval of any documents associated with the case. 


The business analytics tool can provide information in a wide variety of report formats.