Administering the application process can be a time intensive process for organisations that receive thousands of applications requiring a significant number of reviewers and a stringent auditing process.

Grants management software

Grants management software from Equiniti helps to streamline administration and increases transparency when handling grants or fund applications. Its capabilities create advantages for the grant administrator as communications such as standard letters and emails and analytical reports are easily produced, and a full view of the applicant’s history can be viewed at the touch of a button.

As a single centralised solution it streamlines grant processes, from application and solicitation through to award notification and on-going monitoring. It helps organisations to automate the grant application process to track grants, assign funds and display accountability. In-built workflow modules ensure that the correct procedures are followed every time, with full auditing across all activities.

Spanning central government departments, executive agencies and non-departmental public bodies, our grant handling software guarantees that organisational processes are fully compliant with the latest government legislation.


Our grants management consultancy service works with grant awarding bodies to assess the differing grant application formats, types and channels and bind these into one streamlined solution, providing an authoritative, real-time view of funding available, funding applied for and funding due for review.

We focus on performance, structure and potential savings to ensure the maximisation of limited resources for the delivery of critical funds. The outcome provides clear delivery, business improvement and strengthens the funder/funded relationship.