Equiniti is a trusted partner in the delivery of customer relationship management (CRM) technologies. We have been delivering Microsoft CRM solutions since CRM’s launch, forming assured partnerships with organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Our experienced Microsoft-accredited professionals deliver CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helping organisations to deliver brilliant customer service every time.

Microsoft CRM from Equiniti delivers a reliable, scalable and cost-effective solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements across a range of business processes from sales and marketing to call centre management and complaint management. 

It provides organisations with access to client and stakeholder information through a full suite of business process solutions within a familiar Microsoft Office interface to ensure rapid user adoption and fast results.

With an emphasis on personal service, Dynamics CRM enables communication with customers to take place via their preferred channel – across the web, social, mobile, and phone – incorporating social listening to highlight trends, issues and changing customer expectations.

With integrated workflow, Microsoft CRM automates business processes, providing assurance that administration errors can be reduced and communication can be enhanced.

Microsoft CRM can be customised to suit your organisational needs. It can be deployed on-site, via the cloud or as an Equiniti-hosted solution.


We are a trusted partner to organisations in need of advice and guidance on CRM technology.

Our CRM consultants work with organisations to identify achievable ways in which CRM technology can generate the greatest returns. From initial analysis through to implementation and onward development, we work with clients to identify practices that drive business process efficiencies with the assurance of compliance.

As part of our consultancy service, we will meet with your business team to analyse the current infrastructure and delivery landscape, and identify areas where further cost efficiencies can be created.