Traditionally, case management has been handled manually and been predominantly paper driven. This means it has often been inefficient, unreliable and subject to error and delays. As the volume of cases being handled by an organisation increases, the effectiveness of processing their cases becomes more difficult, resulting in an increased administrative burden on resource.

Our case management software

Equiniti is a trusted provider of case management solutions to the private and public sector. Our innovative software handles over 4.5 million cases every year, incorporating market-leading technologies for document, database and process management.

Our case management solutions are flexible and customisable for any organisation, whatever the specific case management requirements are. We ensure that formal case management processes are observed, documents and data are stored securely and accountability is kept for all key decisions.

Key features

  • Rapid customisation and deployment 
  • Customisable to meet your organisation's needs and requirements 
  • Business process scalability and flexibility 
  • Management information 
  • Workflow integration
  • Document management integration