Equiniti IT Services’ business development team will be showcasing the company’s public sector success story at this year’s Government ICT 2.0 show in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in central London on September 16.

 Managers Paul Lemon, Tony Brown and Dennis Devine will be there to there to connect, listen and show how Equiniti’s expertise will help you to: Navigate Your Digital Journey.

 The industry leading conference has been running for nine years providing exclusive insights and access to leading policy makers, which has helped contribute to successful development of public sector ICT.

 Government ICT 2.0 will be examining current and emerging directions across ICT in the public sector.

 The event opens with the British Government’s Chief Technology Officer Liam Maxwell addressing ‘Smart and Efficient Solutions across Government IT’ and ‘Opening up the £7 billion annual spend on government IT – Smarter purchasing through a broader range of suppliers’.

Government ICT 2.0