Meeting the challenge

Equiniti enables law enforcement and other public sector organisations to improve the service you provide to the public with fewer resources through collaborative working, secure information sharing, and business process efficiency gains.

Our specialist solutions help you to meet the demands of budget cuts and adopt more effective working practices through better use of technology, efficient data sharing and collaborative working systems.

Our expertise includes:

Covert management operations 

As the UK’s leading provider of Complete Covert Management solutions to the law enforcement sector, we enable police forces and LEAs to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their covert investigations and information sharing capabilities.

Document management and sharing 

By combining the key features of Microsoft’s SharePoint, coupled with our unique components and approaches, we provide an organisation-wide collaboration platform that simplifies how people share information and encourages interactive working practices.

Case and complaints management 

A trusted provider of case and complaints management solutions to the public and private sectors, we ensure that formal case and complaints management regulations are adhered to and all documents and data are stored safely and in a single place to improve reporting.

Equiniti address the often complex end-to-end processes behind covert investigations, case management, and collaborative information sharing projects to redesign these services and enable you to excel.