Organisations are under greater strain than ever before. Driving efficiencies and doing more for less is the mantra of many businesses in the current environment. The result is that many support functions such as HR, procurement, operations and customer service have to deliver an improved service with fewer resources and keep costs down.

Equiniti has a proven track record in delivering efficiencies and cut costs. We can do this in a number of ways.


Our experienced team allows you to focus on the things that are absolutely core to your business and gives you the confidence to remove the things that aren’t. We provide you with the assurance that you have entrusted these services to a highly capable and agile support team that will stop at nothing to produce the results you need.

Business process management

Process design and optimisation is in our DNA. Whether you require consultancy services for process improvement or new technologies to drive efficiencies, we make processes work for business and government.

IT services

Whether you are managing applications, software or an IT infrastructure in the cloud or on-site it needs to be run efficiently. Equiniti can help you choose the right technology and infrastructure to develop a new solution or enable existing systems to work more effectively.

Customer management

Manage your customers more efficiently with our multi-channel award winning contact centre. With over 15 years’ experience we can help you with customer service and support, technical support and lead generation.