In today’s era of information overload, organisations are dealing with more information than ever before. Growing requirements to comply with a number of standards, industry-specific regulations and the increasing impact of the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean staying compliant is a constant challenge. 

Equiniti understands the time and resource required to stay abreast of changes to legislation, and offers a robust, agile service to help businesses to embed better information governance practice and protect corporate memory.

Compliance is built into all of our technology-based solutions, along with the agility to adapt quickly to future changes.

Document management

In partnership with industry leaders Microsoft and HP, Equiniti’s solutions for electronic document and record management minimise the risk of data loss, improve processes, enhance collaboration. Crucially, these solutions also support activities that are critical to achieving compliance with standards and regulations, ensuring that documents are properly governed and fully auditable.


Equiniti understands that technology alone is not a panacea to the challenge of making sure business processes are efficient, reliable and compliant. Our governance team assesses the volume of data stored by an organisation and creates the necessary bundle of policies, or evaluates existing ones, prepares for the implementation of the information governance framework and deploys the chosen solution.

Hosting and infrastructure

Equiniti complies with ISO 27001, IL2 and IL3 – the industry standards for security – providing our clients with assurance that the information they entrust to us will be handled and stored securely at our datacentres. Compliance with these standards also means that our security arrangements are fit for the future: fine-tuned to keep pace with changes to security threats, vulnerabilities and business impacts. Find out more about Equiniti’s hosting and infrastructure services.