Threats to the security of a business come in various forms, whether through systems failure or data corruption, infection by malware, or misuse of the internet or email. Whether a threat happens through human error or as the result of a natural disaster or other unforeseen occurrence, it pays to secure your business.

Information security

With 93% of large organisations reporting an information security breach in 2013[i], the threat to businesses’ security online has never been greater. The cost and working hours required to rectify these breaches can be high and, in some cases, prohibitive. Significant reputational damage can also be incurred, and lost business can run into substantial sums of money.

Worryingly, instances of security breaches have risen in number, with affected companies experiencing roughly 50% more breaches in 2013 than the previous year[ii].

Security in the cloud

One of the advantages of the transition to cloud technology is that the provider is responsible for making sure that clients’ applications and data are properly protected, relieving in-house IT departments of this task and allowing them to focus on strategic work. Recognised as a Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year in 2014 and approved as a G-Cloud supplier, Equiniti operates datacentres whose security standards have been accredited to IL2 and IL3 levels and which deploy the newest and best technology available.

Business continuity

Equiniti offers peace of mind that businesses can continue functioning should the worst happen. Our scalable and flexible business continuity service ensures that in spite of any disruptive event, the organisation can keep operating.

Equiniti’s security expertise is backed by credentials including IL3 and ISO 27001 accreditations, and through our background of working in partnership with clients that operate in highly regulated sectors such as banking and in Government, where citizens’ information must be protected.