IT transformation is about obtaining maximum value from existing systems and infrastructure as well as evolving your technologies so that they meet business requirements now and in the future. It is driven by new business needs and by a desire to reduce costs by taking advantage of new technology. 

Deploying lower cost IT models, including cloud and virtualisation, can free up resources for IT to make the transformation.

Equiniti Group can provide a range of IT transformation services in the areas of cloud computing, virtualisation, communications and collaboration and data centre optimisation.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is revolutionising IT as a low cost model which offers IT departments flexibility to increase capacity or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software or increasing the number of employees helping to extend existing capabilities.

Equiniti Group’s cloud computing services can help your IT transformation project through the virtualisation of resources including networks, servers, applications and data storage. Using the latest industry standard technologies including ITIL, we can guide you through the development of your cloud transformation project.


For a growing number of organisations, virtualisation is the first step towards accelerating an organisation’s journey towards cloud computing helping them to transform their data centres and IT environment. Organisations can realise large scale benefits such as improved utilisation, reduced floor space requirements, and reduced power costs. You can add highly agile and flexible services to that foundation with private and public cloud solutions.

Equiniti Group can help you on your virtualisation journey by offering solutions including:

  • Business virtualisation – Equiniti Group’s proven approach combined with Microsoft’s Windows Server and Hyper-V virtualisation
  • Services-on-demand – including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Unified communications (UC) and collaboration

Success in business is dependent on communication and collaboration across the organisation between colleagues, clients and partners. Streamlining your communication channels into a single unified platform and reducing the numbers of devices that you use makes it is easier for IT staff to configure, administer and maintain and for users to operate. 

Unified communications and collaboration from Equiniti Group facilitates the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging and telephony (including IP telephony) helping clients to automate process and, as a result, enhance productivity and performance.

Data centre optimisation

With IT managers under increasing pressure to reduce costs, adopt more efficient technology strategies and keep pace with changes in technical developments, data centre optimisation solutions can help you establish a scalable, reliable and highly available infrastructure services platform.

Equiniti Group’s data centre optimisation helps you to:

  • Improve and efficiently scale service delivery – we can provide a scalable, reliable and available platform that can be used on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid of both, you can make service delivery automated, measurable, and elastic.
  • Streamline end-to-end system management – we work with a common set of tools to deploy, manage, and run across physical and virtual environments – whether on-premises or in the cloud - and consolidate your various ICT infrastructure services to lower costs.
  • Integrate and extend enhanced security features – we can provide users with access to information through a range of devices, whilst safeguarding sensitive data helping you to meet your organisation’s security and compliance needs.
  • Virtualisation – Equiniti Group’s proven approach combined with Microsoft’s Windows Server and Hyper-V virtualisation.
  • Disaster recovery – leveraging the clustering capabilities of Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V provides support for disaster recovery within the local environment and across data centres to ensure regulatory compliance.