IT migration can be a challenging time for companies hoping to move vital information from one system to another. Minimising the risk to the end user and day-to-day operational activities is vital for successful transition.

Equiniti Group has the experience, knowledge and resources to ensure that data remains secure and systems remain operational throughout.

We provide migration services for all systems, hardware and data, within environments capable of managing high volumes of information. We are also experienced with complete data centre relocations. 

Our highly skilled teams work with our clients from planning to completion, to achieve set goals and work within budgets and time frames. We provide regular updates on progress to allow for peace of mind throughout the project. Each solution is designed to meet the needs of individual clients, with designated tool sets used to deliver fast results, minimise complexity and reduce operational impact. 

Our solution

Equiniti Group's migration services include:

  • Implementing new technology to improve system functions
  • Future-proofing business processes
  • System relocation
  • Improving system recovery and data security capabilities
  • Platform migration of legacy applications
  • Ongoing support and development of legacy applications
  • Analysis and cleansing of existing data sets prior to migration
  • Mapping of data sets from source to destination
  • Data migration using appropriate toolsets including: 
    • MS SQL, Microsoft Access
    • Custom-built migration routines
    • Flat file export/import
    • Other proprietary migration tools

Our highly skilled teams enable:

  • Correct strategic planning for data, system, hardware and platform migrations
  • A mutually approved plan following agreed project goals
  • Final costing and timelines (where possible) from the outset
  • Regular management reporting throughout the process
  • Full back up/archiving of existing systems
  • Full system testing and optimisation of the migration process including trial migration and timings to facilitate planning of live migration
  • Installation of required equipment to facilitate the migration process 
  • Post-migration support