The effective handling of customer calls is a key component of driving customer loyalty and ultimately developing more business. 

Equiniti Group has delivered customer contact services for over 15 years.  In 2012 we successfully handled over two million interactions on behalf of our clients, managing inbound helpline calls, emails, web and SMS.

At the core of our contact centre solution is our focus on outstanding service; we put our clients at the centre of everything we do, helping them to deliver outstanding service and maintain professional standards.

Our solution

Equiniti Group is a trusted partner in the successful delivery of outsourced contact centre services. Our 350 seat customer contact centre delivers maximum efficiency in the handling of activity and ensures the highest quality of response.

We deliver a range of specialist BPS tasks including lead generation and customer support and technical support.

Our centre has over 1,000 incoming client lines and we aim to resolve as many queries as possible at the first point of contact.

Quality and compliance

Equiniti Group is established in handling contact services within regulated industries. We have integrated compliance and assurance teams to maintain pace with the latest regulatory changes and best practice initiatives.

We hold version five of the Global Customer Contact Association (CCA) standard, are accredited to numerous ISO, Financial Services Association (FSA), NVQ and professional standards and have a joint working relationship with the FSA. 

Our technology

By investing in a range of industry leading technologies, we continue to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

All of our calls are recorded in line with best practice guidelines on our powerful and intuitive RedBox technology. Our MITEL solution includes full intuitive ACD capability, touchtone upfront IVR and automated call back services whilst the readily available and customised reporting enables us to effectively analyse our performance and effectiveness to integrate our touch points.

We have also invested in NICE IEX workforce management software to cater for our multi-channel call activities to effectively manage and forecast staffing needs and individual staff schedules every day via a web portal. 

The systems change management tools enable us to proactively manage the days events and quickly respond to changing conditions to maintain a high level of customer service. Agent adherence and call centre performance management features ensure agent performance improvements are made to handle customer interactions.

Why Equiniti Group?

  • We were the first UK financial services contact centre to attain version five of the Global CCA standard
  • Our policy is to employ permanent staff in our contact centre who have all undertaken full CRB checks
  • We have over 1,000 incoming client lines pointed to our contact centre