Equiniti Group’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution enables organisations to pay for only as much storage capacity as they need, whilst providing optimum resilience and performance.

IaaS allows storage capacity to be scaled up or down in line with changing business requirements or to meet short-term demands, with no threat to security, performance or disaster recovery. Capacity can be increased at short notice, with further time savings achieved in the deployment of applications, which can be completed in hours rather than weeks.

Sitting alongside technology in which businesses have already invested, the solution eliminates the need for further capital expenditure or maintenance costs thanks to access to pooled resources.

A virtualised environment via the Citrix platform delivers an enterprise-ready, cloud-proven platform that is trusted by the most demanding organisations to run mission-critical applications and is used by the largest clouds. The added facilities of automatic recovery from hardware failure and “zero downtime” maintenance ensure that performance and productivity are maximised.

With experts on hand to provide advice and assist during implementation, customers have the added assurance of achieving maximum benefit from the service.

Our solution

  • A cost-effective alternative to investing in technology
  • Flexible storage capacity
  • A secure virtualised environment using the Citrix platform
  • Elimination of time and cost involved in managing/maintaining systems
  • Rapid deployment of applications, websites and additional storage
  • Advice and support with implementation
  • Compliance with data security requirements
  • Full disaster recovery