Collaborative working is about more than just sharing information. Working towards a common goal can be supported by a solution that enables stakeholders to contribute to the same end, whether they are in different offices, different buildings or even different countries.

Microsoft SharePoint

Implementing SharePoint as a collaboration platform enables staff across the enterprise to engage with people, share ideas and reinvent the way they work together whilst controlling costs and managing risk.

Providing a single place to store all documents and collaborate with colleagues in real time, with added functionalities such as:

  • Powerful search capabilities, making finding documents easy and quick
  • Mobile access
  • Social feeds, offering an easy way of sharing content and staying up-to-date with relevant discussions
  • Groups and communities for engaging with experts to find answers
  • Full integration with Microsoft Office
  • Compliance with document management requirements

SharePoint from Equiniti

As a Microsoft Partner and SharePoint expert, Equiniti is experienced in helping organisations to effectively deploy this technology to meet their collaboration objectives.

We also understand that successful implementations depend on more than technology. We have a proven track record of supporting the change management elements of such projects to ensure rapid uptake, minimum risk and maximum organisational benefit.

Equiniti can deliver collaboration via SharePoint as an on-premise or hosted solution. Clients choosing the hosted option can be assured of full security and disaster recovery and business continuity support. This option also offers cost savings and places less demand on in-house IT teams compared to on-premise delivery. Find out more about infrastructure and hosting options available from Equiniti.

In 2014 Equiniti was recognised as a Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year. We also hold IL3 and ISO 27001 accreditations.

IT software and systems are at the heart of the success of any service delivery in most organisations. Whether you are managing software, applications or an IT infrastructure on-site or in the cloud, it needs to be run efficiently and reliably to maintain services and support success. Therefore organisations need to adopt the correct technologies and infrastructures to meet their strategic business agendas and improve performance.

Equiniti Group helps organisations to manage change as well as the challenges of planning, delivering and operating IT. We have specific skills around helping organisations that operate within highly regulated environments.

Assured IT consultancy  

  • Developing and delivering effective IT strategies – we can help you identify innovative ways to improve your current services and make your technologies work harder
  • IT infrastructure – we can help you to design, build and run an agile IT infrastructure that scales easily and is optimised to deliver operational efficiencies
  • Legacy systems and modernisation – maximising the investment in existing systems
  • Business process management – optimisation and efficiency
  • Multi-channel process design and configuration
  • Specialist Microsoft Gold-certified partner

We work with the CIO and business leaders to:

  • Help match their strategic business objectives with their IT initiatives
  • Maximise the investment in existing technologies and infrastructures and ensure planned benefits are realised
  • Reduce costs by optimising service delivery
  • Increase user satisfaction

 We do this through:

  • Providing practical guidance using consulting-led approach
  • Our experience of working extensively with the public and private sectors